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I was born and raised in a Real Estate family. My Dad opened up one of the first Real Estate companies, Sarkis Realty, Inc., on the famed Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood back in 1965. I remember as a child skimming through the Real Estate section of the Sunday Times newspaper and looking at all the huge mansions that were for sale, often times clipping some of the best and putting them up on my wall in hopes of one day owning them. Some of my hobbies include travel (of course!) photography, hiking, waterfalls, snorkeling & diving, rafting, kayaking, skiing and basketball.. Read More

Fred Melikian Photography

With the modernization of our lives, adopting ways to dwell in large crowded cities, driving on busy polluted freeways, and spending countless hours in workplace offices, there must be a work-life balance found for us to get back to raw nature and enjoy all it has to offer. We don’t get enough sunshine and don’t see the night sky in all its glory anymore. How many of us can say that we have seen the Milky Way galaxy and wonder about our existence and place in this vast universe? Read More