With trends ever-changing and homes constantly being remodeled, you’ll want to be sure that before you make any huge changes that your newly remodeled home will be modern yet timeless. There are so many trends in 2017 for home improvement, it is hard to know which current home remodeling trends will stay and which ones will be more of a fad.

Entertaining is such a huge aspect of the world’s culture and that is certainly not going away. When you are entertaining guests or even just spending time with your family, being able to seamlessly flow from your kitchen to your living room is key. The open concept has been a trend for years and is not going away anytime soon.

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These photos above are a great example of how nice it is to have an open concept floor plan. To have friends over during award show season and watch awards, to making a weeknight dinner and keeping an eye on your kids, in 2017 an open floor plan is an absolute must. Another great example of these types of floor plans is the new development in Irvine, CA, Bella Vista at Orchard Hills

Aside from the floor plans, when remodeling, you want to make sure that the color you decide to paint your rooms is also going to be modern, yet timeless. Lighter colors are always going to be modern and timeless. Whites and grays are being seen in so many interior design photos and similar to open floor concepts are not going away. These colors brighten up a room and they make the room look so much bigger.

home remodeling trendsThese kitchens look so sharp and incredibly modern between the white cabinets, the stainless steel appliances and the gray floors and walls. The design is slick and minimal, something that is a huge timeless trend.

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Moving from kitchen and family rooms to bedrooms, you spend an unreal amount of your life sleeping, so you need a bedroom that you are in love with. Sticking with the lighter colors, relaxing tones and sleek, yet comfortable designs can afford you a good night’s rest. Below are great design inspirations for your master bedroom.

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Moving into the master bathroom, soaking tubs are a major trend… and I am not complaining. This trend is the definition of treat yourself and is a trend that keeps on giving. Separate tubs and showers are becoming increasingly popular.

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Moving from the bathroom to the closet, custom closets are a huge remodel trend. These closets are large and have built-in shelves and drawers. Separate closets for men & women are also becoming increasingly popular. Yourself and your relationship will be very happy with these closets.

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An overlying theme in all of these photos from interior design are the chandeliers and light fixtures. Having statement light fixtures are a huge trend and incredibly modern. With so many light fixtures and chandeliers to choose from, you can be sure to find a light in any style.

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Moving from indoors to outdoors, summertime is an ideal time to entertain outdoors and take your parties outside. That is why a huge trend in the home remodel world is outdoor kitchens. Similar to the open concept that I talked about above, the outdoor kitchens allow for you to still be cooking and prepping for parties while also not having to seclude yourself indoors. A key aspect for outdoor kitchens are flat, easy to clean surfaces, as well as appliances that can endure the weather of all four seasons, no matter how extreme your changes in season are.

The photos below are great examples of various outdoor kitchen trends.

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Cool down in the hot summer sun in a gorgeous infinity pool. Infinity pools are all the trend and they truly take your backyard to the next level and give it that “wow” factor everybody is looking for. Not only is an infinity pool incredibly pleasing to look at, they also allow for the pool water to be constantly recycled giving you a fresh look and feel.

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If you are getting an infinity pool, go all out and get a hot tub/spa attached to it. That way you can enjoy your pool in the summer months and your spa all year round. Not to mention spas have multiple health benefits!

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To put the cherry on top of your phenomenal backyard, an outdoor fire pit or fireplace is a must. There are various options when choosing a design or location of one. You can have a sunken fire pit next to the pool or a stand-alone one with ample seating for all your guests. Fire pits are great for family nights making s’mores and parties to all gather around. There is truly something special about ending a night gathered around a fire.

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There will always be countless interior design and remodel trends, but be sure that when you are investing that much money into your home, your vacation home or investment home, that you are doing so in a timeless and classic way. As seen above, there are endless ways to still have that modern, yet classic look to your home when remodeling.

BONUS: There are several other features and amenities that can leave a lasting impression on your guests along with increasing resale values when it’s time to sell. Lofts or game rooms for kids to entertain themselves and media rooms for movies and such are bonuses. A wine cellar or room to display your wine collection is a luxurious touch. Finally, my favorite is having as many water features in and around the house as possible. They are the ultimate relaxation tool.

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